Lucid Motors

Senior Motion Designer | 2020 - 2023

Lucid Motors is a luxury EV company in Newark, CA. I was one of the first designers to be recruited in Lucid’s brand team. My duties include creating animated graphics for social content, CG art direction, producing styleframes, and all motion related tasks. During my time here, I have created Lucid Motor’s official logo animation, helped produced their launch video debuted in 9/9/2020, art directed multiple CG shots in large video projects, and provided graphics for all of the brand’s social media content.

Through Lucid, I have gained a good understanding of the luxury space. My expertise in art direction has aided the brand in achieving high-quality, creative, and dynamic visuals.

Lightform, Inc.

Motion Graphics Designer | 2017 - 2019

Lightform is a VC backed hardware startup in San Francisco. Lightform's products transform spaces
& experiences using projection mapping, adding magical effects & ambient interfaces to any physical object. I joined Lightform in 2017 to create marketing materials for their first product launch. This involved creating custom artwork, set designs, and animations for their first launch video. I also helped design demo booths

at Infocomm 2018 where Lightform debuted their product. The first 2000 units sold out in the same year, and pre-orders of the second and third production run in 2019 were also sold out.
After the successful launch, Lightform started Series A funding. The heart of the fundraising pitch was
a five-year vision of the next generation product. I made concept renders, explosion views, and animated infographics to create a compelling pitch deck for investors.


Motion Graphics Intern | 2016

I first joined Eventbrite in 2016 to create their official logo animation. This was following their first
brand redesign. After three months of creating numerous versions and constant revisions, we arrived
at the final product. Immediately the animation was used in their commercials and products.
I worked with Eventbrite again in 2017 for their Flycon convention. This was targeted at music venues owners, so the motion design needed to speak to the high energy of musical concerts. The end deliverables were the Flycon logo animation, animated title slides for the speakers, along with ambient looping animations that they displayed all over the convention.

In 2019 I worked with them again to animate their redesigned logo.


Maxon Cinema 4D + Redshift
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Web Design & New Media | 2018
Class of 2018 Valedictorian